Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday afternoon at the ballpark

DH bought a small season ticket package this year. Because of whole world series thing, it was the only way to get opening day tickets. Since opening day (where our seats weren't actually the seats we got in the package) he has sold all of the tickets attempting to make a profit on the "investment."

Yesterday we went to a game and used our seats for the first time. They are great seats for watching a game on the first base line in the outfield. Except on a Sunday afternoon in June when it feels more like July!

It was darn hot. We were in the direct sun. I burnt the back of my leg on a seat rivet. It took 20 minutes of absorbing the searing heat from the seat before it was comfortable to sit. Kids were sweltering. The game started off at 93 degrees, and quickly turned to 94 then 95. I started documenting.


(Pretend that "3:20" is actually a "96". The glare was so bad I didn't realize I got the time instead of the temp.) We were lucky it never broke 100.

B still managed a smile.


A said she was melting.


J wouldn't even look at the camera.


Since we saw him at the t-ball game on Sat, I took a picture of Adrian


We learned a few things at this game. Bring 5 wet towels in the cooler not 2. Bring dry towels to sit on to help with the hot seats. Lots of water is very good. Finally, no more afternoon games for the summer.

The seats are on the west side of the stadium and we had a bit of shade by the 9th inning. Those seats will be in the shade by 7pm. We will catch a few more games this year, but they will definitely be at night.

PSA: Always be watchful at a baseball game! Last time S#5 got hit with a ball. This time a lady 3 rows in front of us got hit in the face. I don't think she saw it coming either. She had on sunglasses that hopefully deflected some of the blow, but it was a hard hit ball and she was in a lot of pain. Rumor from the usher, she broke her cheekbone and some teeth.


Kristin said...

It was 72 at the Seattle Sounders game we went to yesterday and we were hot in the sun. At halftime the kids and I went into the stadium to catch a breeze and cool off a bit. Granted, we were wearing jeans b/c we didn't think it would be so sunny, but still. We would not survive in TX.

Sarah said...

72 sounds wonderful! But I might have to bring a coat.