Monday, December 23, 2013

Dance in December

A went to perform at nursing homes with her dance company. They did three shows for the different groups at the home. I caught the last show for the group of women and one man who are in true nursing care.

a dancing

The show went well and the guests seemed to enjoy it. In the picture A is dancing to White Christmas and all the ladies sang along.

She had visitor's day at her normal studio, but it was the night I had my surgery. This past Wednesday, her extra ballet class had visitor's day. I went for the last 15 minutes of class to watch.

a dancing

a dancing

a dancing

She's such a pretty ballerina!

Christmas Programs

We had three Christmas programs before school let out for break. First up was J & M in the band concert.

band christmas concert

You can listen to them play if you wish.

I'd say they aren't bad for 1 clarinet, 4 saxophones, a trombone and bass guitar.

Last Monday was the grades K-3 program. It was something about spies and stopping someone from hating Christmas. I don't really know because you couldn't actually hear a thing.  But B looked cute in his spy get up.

B christmas program

B christmas program

B christmas program

And they got to visit Santa.


Tuesday night was the grades 4-6 program. Again it was hard to hear and figure out what was going on. It was something about time travel. Strange.

 photo John3_1_zpsbad61472.jpg

 photo john2_1_zpsdeeac12d.jpg

B was responsible for taking that last video. I apologize in advance

I personally prefer a traditional concert with traditional songs with fewer dance moves. Maybe word will get back to the school before next year.

Monday, December 9, 2013

ice day

An ice storm blew through Dallas. They canceled school early on thursday before the bad weather hit. they were lucky that all predictions came through. we were coated in an inch or so of ice. Kids enjoyed playing. We all snuggled in on the couch and watched movies. It was a good day off.

 photo 20131206_165530_1_zps4d5d1e54.jpg

 photo 20131206_170237_1_zpsf29d04f3.jpg

 photo 20131207_120725_1_zpse06abb47.jpg

 photo 20131206_163349_1_zpsd4a05237.jpg

The new tree took a big hit. The center top of the tree split off. DH propped up the remaining ice laden branches with some random scrap wood. keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of it is safe.

 photo 20131206_165503_1_zpsf5b2a25a.jpg

 photo 20131206_165519_1_zps886357f5.jpg

We survived the weekend, sticking mostly at home. Boys spent a lot of time playing outside. Sunday was spent getting ready for school, finishing all the work they didn't do last Thursday. Somehow, they cancelled school again today. It's a good excuse not to go back to work today, but the "I'm bored!" wails are getting old.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


December 2. Wrist Repair Day.

Here are pre-op photos.

 photo 20131202_142558_1_zps30ab5ebd.jpg

 photo 20131202_142058_1_zpsc137c15b.jpg

You can see the dinner fork bend to the wrist and how my hand was cocked to the left. Fun.

It was suppose to be a local day surgery with a local block of my left arm. The block didn't work so they put me completely under. I ended up staying in the hospital over night. That was probably a good thing because I was in a lot of pain, even with the push button pump thing. They gave me a big dose of something around 10pm and started oral meds every 4 hours. I would have been a mess at home, I know because Tuesday night was pretty bad. I couldn't get comfortable, everything hurt, awful.

I had post op visit on Wed with the p/t. She made a splint for my arm and told me i was too swollen, which was causing pain. I am under strict orders not to use my left hand. No pushing, pulling lifting, etc. I also had to spend two days with my hand elevated above my head and do hand exercises multiple times a day. More fun.

The elevation did help. The pain in my fingers and joints is much better. This morning, I was able to hold my hair with my left hand and put in a pony tail. It's the little things. My next appointment is on the 12th, a follow-up with the surgeon and another session with the p/t. At some point I have to go back to work. I can tell I am feeling better because that is starting to seem possible. I don't really want to go, but I can probably do it.

birthday at TCU

Saturday was B's real birthday. TCU had a game that afternoon. DH & the boys joined S#2 & family for a day of tailgating and football. They had to leave early, so we got up to give B his presents.

birthday at tcu

birthday at tcu

My one handed wrapping consisted of amazon boxes folded close and bags left over from the party the day before. He didn't seem to care and there wasn't a big mess.

birthday at tcu

birthday at tcu

birthday at tcu

birthday at tcu

birthday at tcu

birthday at tcu

birthday at tcu

B had a great birthday day at the game.

8th Birthday Party

We had planned B's birthday party for Friday afternoon. We were very lucky and had beautiful weather, especially since the party was a flag football game. I ordered a cake from Sam's Club with green icing. i was delusional and thought I could decorate with a broken left wrist. I was close to losing it and was definitely frustrated, so DH stepped in to help. Who knew he had it in him??

 photo 20131129_120021_1_zpse47ba928.jpg

He did the straight lines. I couldn't keep the bag steady all the way across the cake. I added the hash marks and line numbers. A did the letters. it was a family effort.

 photo 20131129_125936_1_zps79a6f3a8.jpg

They walked over to the park to play football. The boys played two games of flag football, switching up teams so everything was fair. DH and J served as coaches/refs.

 photo 20131129_143826_1_zpsfbcc20aa.jpg

 photo 20131129_143903_1_zps9bcfaeac.jpg

 photo football_zps0aa0e7c2.jpg

B again conducted while the boys screamed Happy Birthday at him

 photo 20131129_154522_1_zps0922bb8d.jpg

It was such an easy party. I would definitely do this one again.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Despite my broken wrist, we had a good thanksgiving. A was a huge help in the kitchen. She and J made the cake and ice cream for B's birthday cake. She chopped most of the veggies for the day. She helped S#5 make the green bean casserole & mashed potatoes. I made gravy. I wasn't totally useless.

boys getting their required minecraft time in for the day

thanksgiving 2013

A's excited to be in the kitchen

thanksgiving 2013

girls peeling potatoes

thanksgiving 2013

ugly bean dip went fast, so good despite it's looks

thanksgiving 2013

Grandma chopping some fruit, ninja style

thanksgiving 2013

Frankie in line for some food

thanksgiving 2013

B conducting a rousing round of 'happy birthday to me'

thanksgiving 2013