Friday, January 29, 2010


Sister#5 is oh so cool because she has been going to crafting parties. I think it is just her and one other girl but still, she has friends that will craft with her. I don't have that! She is way cool!

Even better, she went to this great new store, City Craft and then told me about it. A & I went by 2 weeks ago Sunday to check it out. Sister#5 was suppose to meet us there but she called on the way to tell us they were closed on Sundays. I went anyway to figure out where the store was. We got out of the car to peek in the window only to discover they were there and they waved us in. I was so excited! Of course, I bought fabric. I couldn't walk out without fabric.

I started my secret sewing project last Sunday and I'm almost halfway done. I can't wait to finish it.

Here's a glimpse or two.



I can't wait to go back to City Craft. It is such a neat store

Monday, January 25, 2010


We have a visitor this week. J's class bunny. This is why I didn't want this teacher. I love, love, love his teacher. J loves, loves, loves his teacher. However, when you get Mrs. F, you get the bunny. I picked up Harlee on Friday and found out that it wasn't just for the weekend, but for the whole week. I'm not exactly sure how a bunny who spends the week outside of the classroom is the class bunny, but he is.

Actually Harlee is a pretty nice bunny. He is litter trained and he doesn't chew much. He's nipped at the carpet and got put right back in his cage. Today I was home and felt sorry for Harlee stuck in his cage. I let him out and he ran around the room for an hour or so.

I tried to take pictures of Harlee. Curious rabbits are very hard to photograph. I got a lot of blur or this.


Finally he sat still for the same microsecond when I pushed the camera button.


Kids are wanting a bunny now. Except for J who still wants a puppy. We got an email from Sister#2 yesterday with pictures of very adorable Lab puppies. DH is getting serious thinking about one. Who knows. Maybe I'll give in this time.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

when to send in the dad

There are times when I know the boys are up to something. There is either silence or a lot of screaming and crying. I wait until the silence or screaming is deafening before I step in.

Tonight I needed to send in the dad. The boys had taken their bath and were suppose to be getting their pajamas on. There was a ruckus and I heard B shout a loud voice.

"I am King of the Naked Sword Fights!!!!"

That is definitely one for the father to handle.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


On J's birthday, we took him to GattiTown. They have a TV room that shows old cartoons. While we were there it was Popeye cartoons. This was the one we saw. Luckily the kids didn't understand what "loco weed" was.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've actually been knitting lately. It's been awhile. I had stalled after starting a new lace scarf. I got 3 repeats in, made a mistake and put it aside.

Then Christmas came along and I remembered promising my niece a new hat. Then I started making beer koozies. Then my friend in Austin asked me to knit her a scarf. I saw her at the mall after Christmas and she bought a scarf because it was cold and snowing (again!). After buying it she realized that I could make her one. Of course I had to knit a scarf. I went to a big sale at the LYS and came up with this.



I sent it to her last weekend while she was on CRHP retreat. I hope she liked it.

I had a leftover ball of yarn so I made a garter stitch mitt.


The color is off because of the lighting. I still have to finish the other.

I've already got a secret project ready to go next. Not knitting but it should be fun.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's been ages

I haven't posted since Christmas Eve. Here's how our Christmas went!

We spent Christmas Eve at Sister #2's house. It was a nice evening. The adults did a white elephant exchange via the internet using ooVoo. Except for a few gliches with sound being hard to hear, it worked out fine. I think next year we should get a reall microphone rather than trying to use the laptop one.

The hat for my niece was a big hit. Except she's all Canadian now and kept calling it a toque. Despite the language difference, she loved it.


Here are the kids before Christmas eve mass


A was excited for Christmas morning


They all got good stuff




And then it was over!


The boys got football outfits for Christmas. And since it was a white Christmas, it definitely called for a snow football game.




I think B's trying to figure out the heisman pose.

We spent the rest of Christmas day at the SIL's house. It was lovely day.

The rest of the week was lazy and busy at the same time. When we were home we didn't do much, but we did a lot in between. DH & I went to a Mavericks game, the ILs took the whole family to Mannheim Steamroller, DH went to the Independence Bowl (poor Aggies), I started a new job, J turned 7 & celebrated at GattiTown. Finally on Friday the cousins came home from a trip to Orlando and A was relieved from her depression. Everyone came over on Saturday night to feast on turkey enchiladas from my dad and Lincoln Log Cake for J's birthday.


This was not the prettiest cake I have ever made but it was delicious. I made homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips for the filling. DH told me multiple times that he liked the cake. Then he told me I could make it for his birthday. That is high praise for a sweet from him.

The kids returned to school last Monday and I'm still grumbling every morning when the alarm goes off. I totally agree with A that school should start at 10:00 am. I would love to not wake up to an alarm.