Saturday, May 24, 2014


Yesterday was A's 8th grade graduation. She did well, very well. We're so very proud of her.

Reading the petitions

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 photo DSC_6632_1_zpsb180a6dc.jpg

The Speech

English Scholarship to Ursuline

 photo DSC_6635_1_zps6ecb0a41.jpg

The Art Award

 photo DSC_6637_1_zps33276c70.jpg

The graduates

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The valedictorian and the salutatorian

 photo DSC_6671_1_zps98d2915c.jpg

This is a total brag post, but deservedly so! Congrats to my A!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dance Recital

A had her dance recital yesterday. I took a couple of pictures from two of her tap routines at her rehearsal last week.

She was in 7 dances total. I videotaped a few of them and then my phone ran out of space.  The videos are blown out from the stage lights.  Luckily, someone else put the whole thing out on youtube.

Yellow Submarine

Drum Stick Dance




Hometown Glory

There's her recital in six videos. You didn't have to sit through two hours and all the other performances. Although I have to say that the Rubber Ducky one was pretty darn good funny.

Musical talent

B's class had a jazz concert last week. It only included the 2nd & 3rd grades, so it was not too long. The first song, B was a behind a tall girl in a hat. The second song B was behind a curtain and we couldn't even see him.

I videotaped it anyway because I don't want to be accused of neglecting the 3rd child in the future.

B is in the top row center. You can occasionally see his head peak out from behind the tall girl in the pink shirt & black hat.

J had his band concert on Wednesday morning. I tried to take a picture but he pulled his music stand so it would block his face. I snuck to the back of the stage and took a short video of one of their songs. The bass & trombone section of the school band is excellent!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day

We didn't do much for Mother's Day. Just the way I wanted it. I slept in until 9am. I got breakfast tacos in bed for breakfast. I spent an hour or two in the yard cleaning up debris from the winter and pulling weeds. I went to JoAnns with S#5, MIL & A.  We ordered in Thai food for dinner.

The boys found a way to amuse themselves in the afternoon. Homemade water slide time.

 photo DSC_6614_1_zpsd7342959.jpg

 photo DSC_6617_1_zps1be20c28.jpg

 photo DSC_6626_1_zps343c1524.jpg

Of course, once the meal was over, it was back to being a mom. Laundry, last minute school stuff, make them brush their teeth and go to bed. The real fun!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


A's (and E's) birthday was last Friday night. For their birthday, the girls took a bunch of friends to the ballpark.

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 photo a_birthday_3_1_zpscf524ff3.jpg

 photo a_birthday_5_1_zps14d1f22e.jpg

We celebrated with our family on Saturday. It was a typical Saturday for us. We squeezed a Mexican lunch between a baseball meeting, dance recital rehearsal, church & dinner with friends in from out of town. Amazingly, we had not sporting events.

After our quick lunch, we ran home for cake.

 photo DSC_6594_1_zpsbbaf1373.jpg

 photo DSC_6601_1_zps9f43e7ec.jpg

Poor A has to suffer with those brothers. At least the cake was good.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May Crowning

A was picked to be the May Crowning Queen this year. What an honor. The whole eighth grade and second grade (Confirmation & First Commumion years) dressed up and carried in flowers in honor of Mary.

 photo DSC_6567_1_zps9cdb0ec5.jpg

 photo DSC_6568_1_zpse9acf3ad.jpg

 photo DSC_6570_1_zps1ada0b7b.jpg

 photo DSC_6574_1_zps068f0ec2.jpg

 photo DSC_6582_1_zps6415c08a.jpg

 photo DSC_6584_1_zpsb7a75399.jpg

 photo DSC_6587_1_zpscc2f1113.jpg

The actually crowning picture turned out so blurry. Darn. It was a lovely ceremony and A looked lovely.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

First Communion

B made his First Communion last Saturday. He was so excited about everything. He was going to wear a suit. He was going to wear a tie. He was going to receive communion. He got to pick the food and the cake. It was going to be a huge day.

He was up and ready early. The only panic moment was when I realized he was brushing his teeth in his navy blue pinstripe and tie. We did a quick removal of stainable clothes and then he brushed.

I skipped the photographer at the church so I tried to get pictures before.

 photo DSC_6504_1_zps8a0a57ae.jpg

 photo DSC_6512_1_zpscdf7fbc4.jpg

 photo DSC_6518_1_zps9dfb7370.jpg

 photo DSC_6530_1_zps954c3381.jpg

Definitely not portrait worthy. I think I'm going to have to dress him up and try again. Or pay someone to do it.

 photo DSC_6534_1_zps4aa54174.jpg

I did take a picture of him headed toward his pew as they entered the church, but I listened to the priest this time and didn't try to take pictures during mass.

 photo DSC_6515_1_zps4c9f9db6.jpg

 photo DSC_6539_1_zps982e8c3a.jpg

Once at home, he got his cake and his new rosary. It was a good day.