Sunday, May 18, 2014


A's (and E's) birthday was last Friday night. For their birthday, the girls took a bunch of friends to the ballpark.

 photo a_birthday_1_1_zpsf6f14772.jpg

 photo a_birthday_3_1_zpscf524ff3.jpg

 photo a_birthday_5_1_zps14d1f22e.jpg

We celebrated with our family on Saturday. It was a typical Saturday for us. We squeezed a Mexican lunch between a baseball meeting, dance recital rehearsal, church & dinner with friends in from out of town. Amazingly, we had not sporting events.

After our quick lunch, we ran home for cake.

 photo DSC_6594_1_zpsbbaf1373.jpg

 photo DSC_6601_1_zps9f43e7ec.jpg

Poor A has to suffer with those brothers. At least the cake was good.

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