Sunday, May 4, 2014

May Crowning

A was picked to be the May Crowning Queen this year. What an honor. The whole eighth grade and second grade (Confirmation & First Commumion years) dressed up and carried in flowers in honor of Mary.

 photo DSC_6567_1_zps9cdb0ec5.jpg

 photo DSC_6568_1_zpse9acf3ad.jpg

 photo DSC_6570_1_zps1ada0b7b.jpg

 photo DSC_6574_1_zps068f0ec2.jpg

 photo DSC_6582_1_zps6415c08a.jpg

 photo DSC_6584_1_zpsb7a75399.jpg

 photo DSC_6587_1_zpscc2f1113.jpg

The actually crowning picture turned out so blurry. Darn. It was a lovely ceremony and A looked lovely.

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