Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Daddy Day

This whole working full time has its drawbacks. Yes, it pays for private school education, but it doesn't leave me time for summer day trips with the kids. The kids (and I) were disappointed but I'm looking into something over Thanksgiving and/or Christmas break.

Meanwhile, DH stepped in to give the kids a day with Dad at the Perot Museum.

 photo perot_1_zpse3267232.jpg

 photo perot2_1_zpsa087f7ef.jpg

 photo perot3_1_zpscf95567a.jpg

 photo perot4_1_zps0055990d.jpg

 photo yogurt_1_zps3f8c4c71.jpg

We bought a 2 year membership last August. I think we've gotten our money's worth.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Great Room Swap IV

 photo 20140803_141257_1_zpsa9294f34.jpg

 photo 20140803_194838_1_zpsa4e924f0.jpg

 photo 20140803_194943_1_zps67cf83da.jpg

 photo 20140803_195027_1_zps507cfbd6.jpg

 photo 20140803_195039_1_zps958e4fa6.jpg

I spent last week doing very little work on the bedrooms. I am still going through stuff. I've made 3 runs to St. Vincent De Paul. It has been nice to clear out a lot of the extra junk. The boys got new comforters for their bed and decorations for the walls. J needed some furniture. We did what most people do and headed to IKEA. He and I spent most of Sunday putting together a desk, a dresser, a desk chair, a laundry hamper and a filing rack. It wasn't fun, but it all went together and I didn't kill anyone.

While J & I were busy in his room. A spent the day cooking a meal from scratch for the family. (With a bit of help from S#5, thank you very much!) We had homemade pasta with butter onion tomato sauce, pesto sauce, parmesan green beans, lemon vinaigrette zucchini & caesar salad. It was delicious dinner after a long day. Thank you A!

 photo 20140803_181122_1_zpscf20a508.jpg

 photo 20140803_181105_1_zps4182ff47.jpg

 photo 20140803_184451_1_zps4dac14ce.jpg

We've put a lot of work into the house over the past 3 weeks. The boys' closets could probably use some organization which will happen at some point in time. I still need to go through photos and find places to store the stuff from the office that we're keeping, but as far as bedrooms, we're done

P.S. Bad photos. Sorry! That's as good as it gets right now.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Saturday afternoon of fun

 photo 20140802_160831_1_zps4b495f93.jpg

 photo 20140802_160946_1_zps9bd5cded.jpg

 photo 20140802_161948_1_zps7c428ea9.jpg

 photo 20140802_162210_1_zps6b6c3b56.jpg

 photo 20140802_163720_1_zpsd49c6362.jpg

 photo 20140802_165341_1_zps7022cda7.jpg

 photo 20140802_181906_1_zps3ba8da3e.jpg

 photo 20140802_183318_1_zpsf8214af1.jpg

 photo brianblocks_zpsefbd98b2.jpg

Saturday was typical. Lots of stuff to do, errands to run, places to go. At 3:30 we found ourselves trying to decide what to do next. Summer is coming to close, the kids start school in a few weeks, the weather was nice and we wanted to take advantage of the day.

We ended up at Free First Saturday at the Nasher Sculpture Museum. B decided we need a willow tree to run through at our house. He loved it. A posed in front of the Picasso and the boys joined in. After the Nasher, we walked to the downtown Cathedral for mass. We had about 30 minutes until Mass started so we walked through the Crow Collection of Asian Art. It was nice and small, perfect for a few spare moments. After mass, we drove to Chicken Scratch. It has been on DH's list of places to try, and I think everyone wants to go back again.

Last baseball of the summer

Last Sunday, DH & I went to B's baseball tournament in Waxahachie. It was a stinking hot day. They lost both games on Saturday, so I wasn't expecting to be there long. I planned to be home by noon and organize closets in the boys rooms. They won the first game, so my plans for the day were done since we had several hours between games. Unfortunately, they lost the second game. Good for me, sad for the boys. B had a great tournament and had fun. Since we hadn't had enough baseball, we were home in time to go to dollar ice cream day at the Rangers!

 photo 20140727_103411_1_zps3e450b26.jpg

 photo 20140727_103432_1_zpsc78ef65f.jpg

 photo 20140727_145854_1_zpsd48aa87d.jpg

 photo 20140727_190944_1_zpse7e9e7a4.jpg

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Great Room Swap III

I last left off with A's room and the bathrooms painted. I finally found time to start painting the boys' rooms on Thursday night. It was after 8pm before I started. I decided to get the edge done in B's room before the night ended. If I finish the edging on Thursday night, I might be able to finish painting by Sunday or maybe Monday.

Things didn't go quite as planned. B picked a deep green. It wasn't a forgiving paint. I don't normally tape when I paint. I keep a steady brush and a wet rag to clean up as I go. Well, let me tell you that green paint doesn't quite clean up. It just sort of smears. I got frustrated quickly. Lets just say that within 45 minutes, I edged one wall (horribly), cried and quit.

I went to bed and decided that I would go buy tape for the edges and start again the next day. Luckily DH knew I was at my limit. He was probably at his limit with me too. He called me before lunch the next day. He booked painters for 8am on Saturday to finish the two rooms. It was sort of pricey but well worth it. Three guys, 4 hours, several hundred dollars and the two rooms were done! I got to spent the day sorting through all the stuff.

 photo 20140726_091424_1_zps3c041065.jpg

 photo 20140726_133809_1_zps90c67f83.jpg

 photo 20140726_133846_1_zpsd42e30ec.jpg

 photo 20140726_134003_1_zps2de24a3b.jpg

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Great Room Swap II

 photo 20140718_231137_1_zpsf54e93a9.jpg

 photo 20140719_123325_1_zpsa87daf80.jpg

 photo 20140720_205035_1_zpsdb4a5a4f.jpg

 photo 20140720_205015_1_zps2e6bd7a7.jpg

 photo 20140720_205103_1_zps39adccb8.jpg

 photo 20140726_091604_1_zpsbc732c8c.jpg

 photo 20140723_202446_1_zpsdd2cc5c1.jpg

Friday night I started painting. I got A's new room painted sky blue. Soar by Sherwin Williams. Saturday, I painted her new bathroom the same purple she selected when we had them redone last year. I planned to start painting the boys' bathroom on Sunday. Instead I spent the day going through A's junk. Even though I told her every day that she had to start packing to move while I was at work, it became quite evident that she had done very little.

After we spent many long hours of going through her stuff, we were able to move her into the new bedroom and move the boys furniture into their new rooms. I was not expecting that by Sunday night, but happened. I might have been very cranky, but it was done.

The next day I was exhausted so I took Monday night off and went to my knitting group. Tuesday night I jumped right back into painting and finished the boys' bathroom Wednesday night.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Great Room Swap

 photo 20140713_092051_1_zpsf9816163.jpg
 photo 20140713_091711_1_zps89baba55.jpg

 photo 20140713_104221_1_zps272cac0e.jpg

 photo 20140715_214158_1_zps8becc2eb.jpg

 photo 20140715_214233_1_zps93c78b50.jpg

 photo 20140715_214429_1_zpscae4c72b.jpg

We made some big decisions about the house this summer. The boys really needed their own rooms. J decided to take DH's office, even though he'll have to walk down the hall to the bathroom. Since J was going to be walking down the hall, he needed access to the hall bath, which was attached to A's room. J would probably rather share a bathroom with his brother than his 14 year old very girly, long-shower-taking, nail-polish-using, smelly-lotion-wearing sister, so B really needed to switch rooms too. The great room swap became J moving into the office, B into A's room and A into the boys' room. We only had a month or so left to get it done before school starts.

Since the boys were going to be gone for a week, I took advantage of their absence to clean out their room. Sunday was the hardest part, debunking the beds by myself. I had my tools, diet coke and hex wrenches. An hour and a half later, with help from A, the task was done. It took me 3 more nights after work to go through all of their stuff and empty their room. Going through 8 years of little boy stuff was not fun!