Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lake Trip 2014 - fishing

 photo fish2_zps969332ad.jpg

 photo fish_zps0b970020.jpg

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The boys spent some time fishing and caught a couple of keepers. Papa taught them how to clean the fish, J actually tried, B took care of the guts. We ate them when their great grandmother Vi came to lunch. When fishing was done, B honed his tubing skills. The dog had some fun too.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lake Trip 2014 - Silver Dollar City

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 photo sdc2_zpsfa69b057.jpg

We arrived early and in the rain. At least it was more drizzle than downpour and it kept the crowds away.

B volunteered to be on stage at the Brad Ross magic show. They demonstrated a new tennis shoe cleaning machine that didn't quite work. They sent him back to his seat with a burnt up sole of a shoe. He went back up and tried to use a series of magic wands to fix his shoe. Eventually they found his shoe in a box hanging in the air at the front of the stage. Now all the kids have been up on stage at some point. A was in the magic show on the Disney Cruise. J was in a juggling act on our other cruise.

DH & I rode the rollercoaster Wildfire in the front row seats. I don't know what I was thinking. There were steep, steep drops and multiple upside down parts. I survived but was dizzy.

The kids rode all the little kid rides. A went on the "Dumbo" ride for the good selfie potential.

The best part of the day, the cheddar jalapeno pretzels on the way out. There are no pictures because we ate them too fast. In fact, the first one was gone in less than a minute and we went back and bought another one. I want that recipe.

It was a good day to go to SDC, the early rain kept the crowds down and it wasn't too hot. I think we all had fun.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lake Trip 2014 - Branson

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 photo 20140706_183947_1_zps404d4f0c.jpg

We spent Saturday in town. We went to the fish hatchery by the dam and then shopping at Branson Landing. We stopped at an old fashioned ice cream parlor and a 5 & 10 store on our way home. We were all amazed by the amount of junk in the 5 & 10. The kids liked the ride on train, except J wouldn't pose for a picture & A wouldn't stop! That night was the fireworks on the lake. Sunday was a lazy day at the cabin topped off by a boat trip to dinner at a restaurant on the lake.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lake Trip 2014

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 photo fireworks2_zps3dfb731e.jpg

Chris and the kids went to the lake on Sunday afternoon. I drove up to join them on Thursday. We did lots of typical lake stuff: floating, reading, kayaking, tubing, etc. DH helped the boys blow up lots of fireworks. I went home to bed!

Friday, July 11, 2014

baseball tournaments

B played on a new baseball team this summer. They put together boys from two teams at his school to play a couple of tournaments. The first tournament they played well and were the second seed at the end of the first day, but they were rained out on the second day.

The second tournament was against some tougher competition but they won both games and were seeded 4th or 5th.

 photo 20140628_174020_1_zps51f8737e.jpg

 photo 20140628_174212_1_zps04584bfb.jpg

They went back to play on Sunday but lost a close game and were out.

 photo thunder2_zpsbdab6c25.jpg

 photo thunder1_zpscb548ff5.jpg

At least they still had a sense of humor, goofy 8 year olds!

 photo 20140629_171713_1_zpsffc8703a.jpg

The family took advantage of the free afternoon and headed out to the lake.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


A went to her last summer as a student at DECATS. She did Culinary Arts and Visual Arts, same as last year. The boys and I went to the evening "performance" where the culinary arts kids made beignets and the visual art projects were on display.

 photo 20140625_182028_1_zps174490ca.jpg

 photo 20140625_182229_1_zpsa8caa38a.jpg

 photo 20140625_182520_1_zps45ceedaa.jpg

 photo 20140625_182457_1_zpsb0cb9053.jpg

 photo 20140625_1822190_1_zps1a729ddc.jpg

While I had a nice time talking to some of the other mothers, the boys had phone/ipod photo wars. J took all of the above photos, plus 20 more that looked mostly like this:

 photo 20140625_1825451_1_zps27cb71fa.jpg

A had a great time and wants to go back again next year as a G.A., aka a student helper.