Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Garden 2014

I got my tomatoes in the ground before the end of March. We had a freeze warning a couple of weeks into April. I tented the plants with some old sheets.

 photo DSC_6477_1_zpsf3b41c1b.jpg

It wasn't too bad. I think I lost one tomato plant, but it might come back.

The strawberries survived and are producing fruit.

 photo DSC_6473_1_zps1b54b4b1.jpg

We've eaten 4-5 so far, but some animals have discovered them and there are now bites out of the ones that are growing.

We've had a pretty cold spring. The benefit of the cooler temperatures, tomatoes already growing.

 photo DSC_6503_1_zps5e00481e.jpg

Isn't that awesome!!!!

I didn't do much with my compost this winter due to the broken wrist. I discovered that cold composting doesn't kill pumpkin seeds. After a quick screen of the compost, I tilled it into the box before planting the tomatoes.

 photo DSC_6469_1_zps51f1c8c1.jpg

After a week or two tons of baby pumpkin plants were going. I moved a couple and plucked the rest. I'm still plucking the rest.

I don't know if the transplants will survive, but if they do, maybe we'll get from free pumpkins for Halloween.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a nice Easter.

The boys were up early. We woke up A so we could have the egg hunt and make it to 8am mass.

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

The kids were nice enough to stand in front of the remaining dogwood flowers for an Easter picture. The boys weren't super cooperative about smiling for the photo. When J looked at the camera without a forced grin or a smirk, B was staring off into nothing. This was the best I could do.

Easter 2014

After mass, we went to fish fry at the IL's house. It was delicious as always.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Spring is here. Weather is more often warm than not. Kids are busy.

B is playing soccer, flag football & baseball.  I've been talking way more than taking pictures, but I did remember my camera last Saturday.

playing soccer

playing soccer

J is suppose to be playing golf and baseball but he's had problems with his elbow. After some rest, he tried playing baseball last week.

playing baseball

playing baseball

playing baseball

After the game, his elbow hurt again. We went to the doctor this week and he got a shot. We'll see if it helps.

A is busy dancing. They had a performance last weekend.

She also won first place in the Catholic Daughter's of America essay and poetry contest. She got $50 for each award, but she had to go read them to the ladies.

I think I'm looking forward to summer and fewer activities and slower pace. Or I can at least dream about it.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Confirmation - in action

DH took a video of the actual confirmation. It is blurry and hard to understand but I have to post it for posterity sake.

In case you can't hear, E's confirmation saint is Bernadette and A's is St. Therese of Liseaux.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Last Saturday the girls were confirmed. They both selected Aunt Mimi (S#5) to be their confirmation sponsor. It was so nice for the "twin" cousins to be confirmed together.

The girls and their sponsor before Confirmation.

 photo DSC_6399_1_zpseebb3aa5.jpg

The girls being holy.

 photo DSC_6407_1_zps09617be5.jpg

Easter is late this year. My dogwoods bloomed for Confirmation instead. I love my dogwoods.

 photo DSC_6411_1_zps56cf3739.jpg

 photo DSC_6413_1_zpsb46135ff.jpg

Processing into church

 photo DSC_6416_1_zps01f3a945.jpg

The anointing of oil.

 photo DSC_6419_1_zpsf437fac8.jpg

 photo DSC_6423_1_zpse7f50647.jpg

Father Alan stood in the way of my photography. Of course Father Alan would tell me that it is a sacrament and I shouldn't have been taking pictures in the first place!

Goofy A opening her cards.

 photo DSC_6426_1_zps942f7294.jpg

S#5 gave them cross rings from James Avery. She wore her matching ring in honor of the event.

 photo DSC_6430_1_zpsf2939d1d.jpg

In thanks for being their sponsor, the girls gave S#5 an Awesome book. It had fill in the blank pages about how awesome Mimi is. There were lots of references to confirmation and dancing and baking and putting up with them.

 photo DSC_6436_1_zpse5c21a1b.jpg

I think she liked it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Garden 2014

My garden has been pretty pitiful. After breaking my wrist in November, I did zero outside chores. All dead plants were left looking dreadful until this weekend.

Even though my wrist isn't near 100%, I couldn't let my garden go this summer. This is pretty much the very last weekend to get tomatoes in the ground and hope for a decent crop. Last year we had a lot of late cold rain and I didn't get them in until mid april. We didn't even get a dozen tomatoes.

This year, since it is still pretty late, I purchased bigger plants. J & DH wanted big 2 lb tomatoes so we got some sort of beefsteak. I don't know what it was, just that it came in a big pot and it is suppose to produce big tomatoes.

I also have dreams of multitudes of Roma tomatoes so I can roast them like some blog post I recently read (but can't find because they cancelled Google Reader and feedly doesn't provide a search within your blog list or maybe they do but you have to pay for it but I can't bring myself to pay for it since I'm still so mad at the demise of Google Reader.)  I bought some Roma tomatoes. They didn't have bigger plants, so I had to buy itty-bitty ones. I don't know what will happen, but I can cross my fingers and hope for the best.

 photo 20140330_120753_1_zpsa883b470.jpg

I also bought a poppy plant because I thought they looked pretty.

 photo 20140330_120741_1_zps77c792be.jpg

Three surprises in the garden.

I planted a hellebore 3 years ago and it isn't amounted to much. It stayed about the same size, but it was never eaten or trampled or killed. It just stayed the same. I looked out the window this week and noticed something white. I was happy to find it wasn't a piece of trash but a flower.

 photo DSC_6391_1_zpsd6c356b5.jpg

The plant doubled in size and is flowering. I guess it just needed time to establish itself.

The second surprise is strawberries. I've planted them every year for the kids and we've never gotten much out of them. The birds get to them before we do. I wasn't planning to plant them again this year. But went I went to rake the leaves out of the bed I uncovered the strawberries from last year growing and already producing!

 photo 20140330_120809_1_zps1d33ae98.jpg

(It is sort of hard to see but under the bright green leaf in top left are two baby green strawberries)

The third surprise. A tiny baby garter snake. It was so cute!

 photo 20140330_120604_1_zpsc0750363.jpg

It was nice to pull some weeds and get some plants in the ground but I can already tell that my wrist isn't happy with me. Off to ice it down!