Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

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I'm finally getting around to posting about Halloween.

Halloween. It was a kind of a crazy rushed day. I worked. B had a half day. A went to Ranger Day at Jesuit and then helped with intramuals decorations. J had a full day of school. When I got home, A was already over at the cousins' house to hang out with her friends. She took her pumpkin with her. The boys had already carved their pumpkins but I didn't get pictures with them lit. I took pictures of  the boys before DH & B headed over to a halloween party & I dropped J off at a friend's house. When I finally made it to the party, it was crazy busy with kids everywhere. It was Halloween on a Friday night so everyone came. Last year B played too much and was upset at the end of the night because of he lack of candy. I walked with him and his friends trick or treating so we didn't have that issue this year. A & her friends came trick or treating at the party. J was dropped off at the end of the night. He had fun with his friends and 3 lbs of candy. Luckily, by then, the boys were tired and I could go home.

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