Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Big Trip Part IV

Day 4: Whistler

We headed into Whistler in the morning to go up the mountains. We took the gondolas up Whistler.

 photo 20130714_105351_1_zps20930a0f.jpg

 photo DSC_5522_1_zpse4fc2b91.jpg

The whole trip I tried to take pictures with Christmas cards in mind. Just to show my friend Susan that her kids are not the only ones.

 photo DSC_5527_1_zps52f2a225.jpg

 photo DSC_5528_1_zps62474e56.jpg

 photo DSC_5529_1_zps8c9d8783.jpg

 photo DSC_5530_1_zps5c1bb7b1.jpg

 photo DSC_5531_1_zps711d898f.jpg

 photo DSC_5534_1_zps96377ac7.jpg

 photo DSC_5533_1_zps502dd9a2.jpg

 photo DSC_5532_1_zpsd1a7a589.jpg

 photo DSC_5536_1_zps55eb403b.jpg

 photo DSC_5535_1_zpsd2f8b51f.jpg

More photo ops with the Olympic rings at the top of the gondolas

 photo DSC_5538_1_zps9311a3f4.jpg

You could take a short hike down a ways and take a chair lift up to the very top of the mountain. It was cold but we did it anyway.

 photo DSC_5542_1_zpse01661c7.jpg

 photo DSC_5545_1_zps94bdd067.jpg

 photo 20130714_113406_1_zps7b93b357.jpg

 photo 20130714_114551_1_zps23fc1108.jpg

 photo DSC_5556_1_zpsfb1917d5.jpg

 photo DSC_5558_1_zpsaf92775c.jpg

 photo 20130714_115225_1_zps7e701b53.jpg

 photo DSC_5557_1_zps9f23be31.jpg

The last photo shows the hiking trails at the peak. I wish we had been more appropriately dressed and we could have gone for a short hike. It probably had some beautiful views.

After the chair lift we hiked back up the gondola landing. It was a lot tougher go up than going down. Next we went on the Peak 2 Peak gondolas that take you to Blackcomb.

 photo 20130714_124241_1_zpsfdf7e3c8.jpg

We went across and got right back on to check out the glass bottom gondola.

 photo 20130714_125258_1_zpsc5b8f22f.jpg

Not all that exciting. At least we didn't sit through the very long line that was on the Whistler side. After a trip back across to Blackcomb, we had lunch in the cafe and took chairlifts down.

 photo 20130714_142434_1_zpsf510af87.jpg

 photo DSC_5571_1_zps8810b4f9.jpg

On our way back to Squamish, we stopped at Brandywine Falls to check out the scenery.

 photo 20130714_153525_1_zps38715b89.jpg

 photo DSC_5574_1_zpsa4531da9.jpg

 photo DSC_5576_1_zps35a3a511.jpg

 photo DSC_5579_1_zpsc316e41c.jpg

 photo 20130714_153938_1_zpsaab1af58.jpg

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Big Trip Part III

Day 3: Vancouver/Squamish

Leftovers from Part II. DH's picture of the kids at the Space Needle.

 photo photo111copy_1_zps239899bd-1.jpg

We got up early and took the train from Seattle to Vancouver. The train station was close to our hotel so we hoofed it, dragging our luggage behind

 photo photo211copy_1_zps2d0b61fb-1.jpg

The train was a new mode of most of us and the boys were slightly excited. The dining car must have been really cool because multiple trips were made to it.

 photo 20130713_072510_1_zps9312d473.jpg

 photo photo38copy_1_zps75d070f1-1.jpg

 photo 20130713_120434_1_zps05a9b04d.jpg

Before leaving Vancouver, we stopped in Lynn Canyon Park on our way out of town. It was a fabulous state park with a suspension bridge and a cafe with yummy food.  We took lots of pictures.

 photo DSC_5447_1_zpscf836d55.jpg

 photo DSC_5448_1_zpsad9fe636.jpg

 photo DSC_5452_1_zps2a875a59.jpg

 photo 20130713_151512_1_zps483e51e0.jpg

 photo DSC_5473_1_zpsd78e0ce4.jpg

 photo DSC_5457_1_zpsa9d49ec8.jpg

 photo DSC_5500_1_zps45473f74.jpg

After the hike, we drove out to Squamish to meet the ILs. We arrived at our hotel and the ILs had gone somewhere and we had time before they got back. On their suggestion, we went back down the road to Shannon Falls. We took a lot more pictures, but since we're on photo overload, here are only a few.

 photo DSC_5513_1_zps28453b81.jpg

 photo 20130713_175511_1_zps2890b746.jpg

 photo DSC_5515_1_zpsbc3a922c.jpg

J was refusing to pose for the camera. Until he did his gangster pose. I promised him I would include this picture on the blog. My revenge for refusing to smile and hiding from the camera!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Big Trip Part II

Day 2 : Seattle

We spent day two being typical tourist.

Pike Place Market

 photo 20130712_101048_1_zpsdafea375.jpg

 photo 20130712_104657_1_zps5e5a3014.jpg

 photo 20130712_102122_1_zps925aad95.jpg

We ate the World's Best Mac & Cheese at Beecher's. I have to say it might actually live up to its name. And the turkey panini we ate was really good too.

We went to the library.

 photo 20130712_113935_1_zpsead7f2e6.jpg

S#2 is a librarian so she wanted to go. I knit the Koolhaus hat (knitting pattern based in the windows of the Seattle Public Library) so I wanted to go. The rest of them just had to tag along.

Next we headed to the Aquarium. The kids spent most of the time at the splash pool touching all the creatures.

 photo 20130712_124133_1_zps3c5427b9.jpg

B insisted on putting on the scuba gear. He tried to get it just like the poster.

 photo 20130712_130538_1_zps17116190.jpg

 photo 20130712_130547_1_zps7a2f5aef.jpg

Not a bad job.

 photo 20130712_140003_1_zpsbf231811.jpg

The cousins headed to another ball game, we left to go to the Space Needle.

 photo 20130712_144445_1_zpscd56e75c.jpg

 photo 20130712_163042_1_zps6cbc33f8.jpg

Anna danced.

We walked back to the hotel. By the time we got back, my feet were exhausted. We were all cranky and hungry. DH went to find a restaurant near by. There wasn't much open so we got Thai food to go and a cheese pizza from the hotel deli. The Thai food was great and everyone was happy.