Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Big Trip Part IV

Day 4: Whistler

We headed into Whistler in the morning to go up the mountains. We took the gondolas up Whistler.

 photo 20130714_105351_1_zps20930a0f.jpg

 photo DSC_5522_1_zpse4fc2b91.jpg

The whole trip I tried to take pictures with Christmas cards in mind. Just to show my friend Susan that her kids are not the only ones.

 photo DSC_5527_1_zps52f2a225.jpg

 photo DSC_5528_1_zps62474e56.jpg

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 photo DSC_5536_1_zps55eb403b.jpg

 photo DSC_5535_1_zpsd2f8b51f.jpg

More photo ops with the Olympic rings at the top of the gondolas

 photo DSC_5538_1_zps9311a3f4.jpg

You could take a short hike down a ways and take a chair lift up to the very top of the mountain. It was cold but we did it anyway.

 photo DSC_5542_1_zpse01661c7.jpg

 photo DSC_5545_1_zps94bdd067.jpg

 photo 20130714_113406_1_zps7b93b357.jpg

 photo 20130714_114551_1_zps23fc1108.jpg

 photo DSC_5556_1_zpsfb1917d5.jpg

 photo DSC_5558_1_zpsaf92775c.jpg

 photo 20130714_115225_1_zps7e701b53.jpg

 photo DSC_5557_1_zps9f23be31.jpg

The last photo shows the hiking trails at the peak. I wish we had been more appropriately dressed and we could have gone for a short hike. It probably had some beautiful views.

After the chair lift we hiked back up the gondola landing. It was a lot tougher go up than going down. Next we went on the Peak 2 Peak gondolas that take you to Blackcomb.

 photo 20130714_124241_1_zpsfdf7e3c8.jpg

We went across and got right back on to check out the glass bottom gondola.

 photo 20130714_125258_1_zpsc5b8f22f.jpg

Not all that exciting. At least we didn't sit through the very long line that was on the Whistler side. After a trip back across to Blackcomb, we had lunch in the cafe and took chairlifts down.

 photo 20130714_142434_1_zpsf510af87.jpg

 photo DSC_5571_1_zps8810b4f9.jpg

On our way back to Squamish, we stopped at Brandywine Falls to check out the scenery.

 photo 20130714_153525_1_zps38715b89.jpg

 photo DSC_5574_1_zpsa4531da9.jpg

 photo DSC_5576_1_zps35a3a511.jpg

 photo DSC_5579_1_zpsc316e41c.jpg

 photo 20130714_153938_1_zpsaab1af58.jpg


Kristin said...

Just gorgeous. The pic of the kids in front of the inukshuk would be a great card photo. What on earth is B doing with his tongue in the other photos????

Sarah said...

He's sticking out his gum I believe. Gross!