Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shower 2.0

We renovated the bathroom when we moved into this house almost 7 years ago. It needed to be done because it had been chopped up to make it wheelchair accessible. The result was fine, but it was never the best job. We've known the shower had issues for several years. We tried fixing grout issues and re-caulking, but it wasn't enough. The pest control guy told us that our issue with ants in the shower is from water and we needed to fix the shower to end the ant problem.

Finally almost 3 months ago, DH discovered a wet spot in the carpet in our bedroom. After pulling on the carpet, he discovered mold. Yuck. We haven't used the shower since. The contractor finally started working on the shower last week.

First they ripped it down to the studs.

 photo 20130625_192815_1_zpsa24d77c7.jpg

See the water damage

 photo 20130625_193125_1_zpsa8c3ea12.jpg

Then they reframed it.

 photo 20130626_183548_1_zps86d24195.jpg

 photo 20130626_183636_1_zpsf582c000.jpg

Things slowed down and they didn't come for several days. I think they are trying to finish up another job, not sure. They showed up again yesterday and put up the hardiboard. They are suppose to come back on Monday to start the tile job.

 photo 20130703_172941_1_zpseb84582d.jpg

 photo 20130703_172931_1_zpsb907e13d.jpg

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I actually like the tile we chose. They don't make the original tile any more and I had to go with something that was different but hopefully blends well. If not, we'll have a lot more renovating to do!

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