Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Big Trip Part II

Day 2 : Seattle

We spent day two being typical tourist.

Pike Place Market

 photo 20130712_101048_1_zpsdafea375.jpg

 photo 20130712_104657_1_zps5e5a3014.jpg

 photo 20130712_102122_1_zps925aad95.jpg

We ate the World's Best Mac & Cheese at Beecher's. I have to say it might actually live up to its name. And the turkey panini we ate was really good too.

We went to the library.

 photo 20130712_113935_1_zpsead7f2e6.jpg

S#2 is a librarian so she wanted to go. I knit the Koolhaus hat (knitting pattern based in the windows of the Seattle Public Library) so I wanted to go. The rest of them just had to tag along.

Next we headed to the Aquarium. The kids spent most of the time at the splash pool touching all the creatures.

 photo 20130712_124133_1_zps3c5427b9.jpg

B insisted on putting on the scuba gear. He tried to get it just like the poster.

 photo 20130712_130538_1_zps17116190.jpg

 photo 20130712_130547_1_zps7a2f5aef.jpg

Not a bad job.

 photo 20130712_140003_1_zpsbf231811.jpg

The cousins headed to another ball game, we left to go to the Space Needle.

 photo 20130712_144445_1_zpscd56e75c.jpg

 photo 20130712_163042_1_zps6cbc33f8.jpg

Anna danced.

We walked back to the hotel. By the time we got back, my feet were exhausted. We were all cranky and hungry. DH went to find a restaurant near by. There wasn't much open so we got Thai food to go and a cheese pizza from the hotel deli. The Thai food was great and everyone was happy.

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