Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lake Trip 2013

DH and the kids headed to the lake for the 4th.  I stayed behind to work.

They are having a fun time. Lots of swimming, tubing, water skiing, bonfires, etc.

 photo photo39_1_zps1aa916a4.jpg

 photo photo52copy_1_zps8771a9b8.jpg

 photo photo36copy_1_zps0c46e3a1.jpg

 photo photo29copy_1_zpsa3c2fe58.jpg

 photo photo19_1_zps5c07fa5a.jpg

They even had the excitement of famous people whose names sound like Foley-Kitt staying in the big house at the end of the cove. They saw them go by in a boat. Mr Kitt was hunkered down trying to remain anonymous, Ms. Foley was sitting up enjoying the ride. A sent me a picture today of the paparazzi in a boat hanging out by their dock. I do feel a bit bad for them since they can't vacation in peace.

Despite enjoying the quiet for a week, I'm looking forward to everyone coming home tomorrow.

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