Sunday, September 28, 2014

TCU football

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In order to go to the Aggie game at SMU, we bought SMU season tickets. Since we had tickets, DH & B joined S#2 & her family for the TCU v SMU game on Saturday.  The rest of us had other plans. J went camping with Boy Scouts. A & I had some mother/daughter bonding over toe shoes & pedicures.


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I cleaned my fridge. It was such an accomplishment, it needed a blog post. I don't want think about how long it had been since it had been completely cleaned. Earlier this summer, the boys tried making orange juice popsicles in the freezer. Somehow it spilled and it was disgustingly sticky everywhere. The fridge wasn't much better. It took several hours but it was well worth the effort. It feels so refreshing to open the refrigerator door and see clean.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Aggie football

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Last weekend the whole family headed out to another football game. This time we didn't have to travel far since A&M was playing at SMU. It is a fun school for tailgating and we saw lots of Aggie friends. I think B was indoctrinated to the whole Aggie thing. He might want to be a Yell Leader some day. He loved it all. The game itself was a blowout and kind of boring. We were some of the few who stayed for the whole game. A was glad she brought her book with her.

Friday, September 26, 2014

ND Weekend

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DH & I went to South Bend for the Michigan game with S#2 & family, S#5 & a cousin or two. We hadn't been back since S#5's senior year/22nd birthday celebration. It was a great weekend to go. DH ran into Dick Vitale in the new bookstore. We tailgated with BIL#2's roommates and enjoyed jello shots from a neighboring tailgate. The weather was perfect for a football game. Our seats were on the very top row of the stadium, but they were still good seats. We had a terrific view of the field and the campus. Best of all, ND won. Big!

Bonus for the weekend, we were able to stop for a quick visit with a high school friend & her family on our way out of town.  Next time, we need to plan for a longer visit!

Friday, September 12, 2014


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We were only slightly busy Labor Day weekend. Sunday we made the kids help clean the house. They made sure to let us know that we are awfully mean parents, except not in those words.

Since they worked hard Sunday, we went out Monday. The Arboretum had $5.00 admission, including the new children's garden. The weather was lovely when we got there. There were clouds, a slight breeze, there were flowers and insects galore to inspect and discover.

However, the clouds blew off and the slight wind died and it got hot. 100+ hot. The heat increased right about the time we arrived at the children's garden. It is nice, but it doesn't have much shade. I wanted to just go in, check it out, and leave. Unfortunately, B realized there was cool stuff to do. The boys took off; A & I found some shade and waited. They were all tired out by then end.

It was a nice afternoon. We should think of going more often. I really enjoyed all the plants and have lots of ideas for our flower beds.