Friday, September 26, 2014

ND Weekend

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DH & I went to South Bend for the Michigan game with S#2 & family, S#5 & a cousin or two. We hadn't been back since S#5's senior year/22nd birthday celebration. It was a great weekend to go. DH ran into Dick Vitale in the new bookstore. We tailgated with BIL#2's roommates and enjoyed jello shots from a neighboring tailgate. The weather was perfect for a football game. Our seats were on the very top row of the stadium, but they were still good seats. We had a terrific view of the field and the campus. Best of all, ND won. Big!

Bonus for the weekend, we were able to stop for a quick visit with a high school friend & her family on our way out of town.  Next time, we need to plan for a longer visit!

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