Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what I have been doing

I haven't been doing a whole lot lately. Well, I've been doing a lot of the everyday life stuff, but I haven't been blogging. I have things to blog about, I just haven't gotten around to it.

What I have done in my spare time (plus a 3 hour trip to College Station) is knitting a new scarf. It is Melody's Shawl(rav link) from Morehouse Farm. I bought the yarn at the LYS for my birthday. I'm giving it away to the other girl scout leader for her birthday tomorrow.


She told me to knit something for her birthday on her last birthday. I'm pretty sure she was joking, but I held her at her word. I hope she likes it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


We went to A's soccer game today. BILL was there. He is the older brother of A's teammate. The boys love BILL! (They definitely use capitals because they are always so excited to see him!) I love Bill. He is so sweet to my boys, he plays with them, he watches out for them, he waves to them when he sees them at church or school.

Today he sat on the sideline and listened while B told him everything. I asked Bill later what B has said, Bill said he wasn't exactly sure, but he just kept saying "Uh-huh" and B was happy. It is nice to have boys like Bill for my guys to look up to!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

On my own

DH left yesterday to go to the lake for 5 days for Guys' weekend.

I don't like not having someone to tag team with. It is so much easier to parent when I can say "Go see your dad!"

Actually, the children have been good and, because of rain, our schedule has been easy. Last night, after the exhausting bedtime routine & actually remembering to shut the garage door and lock up the house, I went to bed. I realized that there are some advantages to being alone.

I got to watch tv without ever changing the channel because a commercial came on or the game was getting boring.

I kicked the covers off the end of the bed so my feet were open and free and didn't upset anyone.

I got to sleep in bed all night without once having to shove someone over to make them stop snoring.

I'm looking forward to DH coming home in 3.5 days, but it is nice to enjoy the little pleasures of being on my own.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


It's DH's birthday today.

I was a little worried about how today would go. We had a lot going on. I had to go to the grocery, make an apple pie (DH doesn't do birthday cake), eat lunch with the ILs, go to 2 soccer games, pick up a jersey for football today, take J to a birthday party & make dinner.

Luckily it rained 3 inches and the soccer games were cancelled. We met the ILs for lunch at a great bbq restaurant. We had such a huge meal both DH & I decided to skip a big dinner for his birthday and do it tomorrow night. I managed to make the pie and used my new birthday present to make homemade vanilla bean ice cream. It was yummy!


Happy Birthday DH! Only 365 days until 40!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Only me!

I somehow managed to get a parking ticket while parked in front of my own house! I'm so mad.

I guess I can't be too mad because I was parked facing the wrong direction, but I'm mad. I live on a very small residential street. There is hardly any traffic on this street. The neighbors park their cars the wrong direction too. None of them got tickets. I guess none of them were parked out there at 11:15 this morning.

I'm mad because when I park that direction, my car in the shade of the tree in the front yard. That is significant here in Texas.

I'm mad because now I'll have to park in the garage to keep out of the heat, which means I'll waste extra electricity opening the driveway gate multiple times a day.

I'm mad because it will mess up my driving habits. I'll have to go a different way so my car is parked in the correct direction. I hate driving down that end of the street. It has been patched and re-patched and it's all bumpy.

Honestly, something like this would only happen to me.

(I did call the parking department to make sure none of the neighbors had call to rat me out and was assured they did not work based on complaints. The neighbors can be like that so I had to make sure!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day weekend

We had a good weekend.

My friend Shannon was in town so we went shopping on Friday night. Saturday, DH went to A&M for the football game. Kids & I ran errands & watched the ND game. (Yeah, they won and won well!) Sunday we went to church & DH came home.

We spent some time just lazing around. The kids concocted a plot. They cleaned the playroom and then asked to go to the mall. Unfortunately, A wanted to go to the Galleria and the American Girl Store, J wanted to go to Northpark and the Lego store. We were at an impass, so we went bowling.





I managed to beat DH 102 to 98 in the first game. He reset the scores before I could get photographic evidence. He had a much better game the second time and I managed a 110. Probably my best bowling score ever!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Too busy

Since school & kid activities have started, I've been too busy & too tired to think about blogging. I made delicious homemade ice cream and I didn't even think to take a picture and blog about it. Next time.

B has been on a roll lately. The kid never had a baby book, I could at least record his memorable moments in the blog.

Story 1:

A had visitation day the first day back to dance. The whole family went and B's assessment was "Dance class is BORINNNNNGGGG!" There is a boy in A's dance class this year. About half way through tap, B turned to DH and asked "Why's that boy in dance class?" DH told him that he was dancing. B replied, "Boys don't dance." DH replied that boys do dance, there was a boy dancing right there. B paused and then proclaimed, "That boy's not going to have a girlfriend!" DH lost it. At the end of the song, he moved chairs next to me and told me the story. We were both in tears. A was across the room looking mortified at our behavior. Needless to say, DH left with J & B right after that. Good thing he didn't see the boy in ballet class! Who know what he would have said.

Story 2:

B started back to pre-school this week. He moved into the "Big Kid" hall and joined a MWF 3 year old class. Last Friday was "Meet the Teacher" day. B had fun, played with toys and the two boy who were in his class last year. After we left his new classroom, we went down the other hall to see his old teacher, Mrs. Rocha. B loves Mrs. Rocha. She came out and hugged him and talked to him about his summer and how big he was since he was going to the "Big Kid" hall.

About an hour after we got home, B came up to me. He tapped me on the leg and told me "Mommy, I'm really not very big!" The poor kid wants his favorite teacher back and to stay in the "Little Kid" hall. He was so earnest. This is coming from a kid who has been insisting he was big from the minute he could talk. It made me want to cry.

I was afraid he would have problems when I dropped him off yesterday. He got out of the car and had to decide which door to go through. He asked if we went down the curving sidewalk, could he go to Mrs. Rocha's class. I said no, he could go down the curving sidewalk and he would go to Mrs. O'Neal class. He said okay. He ran to the sidewalk, got down in his sprinter's crouch, counted to 3 and raced to school. He was perfectly fine, I should have known not to worry about B.