Saturday, December 27, 2014

Between then and Christmas

I haven't blogged. Obviously. Here are pictures from the past month or so.

 photo 20141125_073513_1_zpsa7d9e58d.jpg

A participated in her first Intramurals at UA. Frosh Green. They didn't completely lose, they got 3rd in Mural.

 photo 20141126_203436_1_zps124d3303.jpg

 photo 20141127_115714_1_zpsfb55464a.jpg

Those are my pictures from Thanksgiving. The children all snuggled together watching a movie, actually touching each other. They saw the camera/phone and refused to stayed posed for me. And Ugly Dip, the favorite appetizer of the day, sent to the cousins to tell them to hurry over or it would be all gone.

 photo 20141129_192154_1_zps9feff40d.jpg

 photo 20141129_195243_1_zps2b14f622.jpg

 photo 20141129_220134_1_zps32425782.jpg

B's birthday: Hot Chocolate Cake topped with homemade marshmallows, a gel ant farm that the whole family found fascinating, and hero-worshipping the cousins from Iowa

 photo 20141213_105443_1_zps28c3b996.jpg

 photo 20141213_105452_1_zps77c0bd0f.jpg

 photo 20141213_105457_1_zps7f3414a5.jpg

B constructed a tunnel in a pile of cedar leaves.

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