Saturday, May 3, 2014

First Communion

B made his First Communion last Saturday. He was so excited about everything. He was going to wear a suit. He was going to wear a tie. He was going to receive communion. He got to pick the food and the cake. It was going to be a huge day.

He was up and ready early. The only panic moment was when I realized he was brushing his teeth in his navy blue pinstripe and tie. We did a quick removal of stainable clothes and then he brushed.

I skipped the photographer at the church so I tried to get pictures before.

 photo DSC_6504_1_zps8a0a57ae.jpg

 photo DSC_6512_1_zpscdf7fbc4.jpg

 photo DSC_6518_1_zps9dfb7370.jpg

 photo DSC_6530_1_zps954c3381.jpg

Definitely not portrait worthy. I think I'm going to have to dress him up and try again. Or pay someone to do it.

 photo DSC_6534_1_zps4aa54174.jpg

I did take a picture of him headed toward his pew as they entered the church, but I listened to the priest this time and didn't try to take pictures during mass.

 photo DSC_6515_1_zps4c9f9db6.jpg

 photo DSC_6539_1_zps982e8c3a.jpg

Once at home, he got his cake and his new rosary. It was a good day.

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