Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Garden 2014

I got my tomatoes in the ground before the end of March. We had a freeze warning a couple of weeks into April. I tented the plants with some old sheets.

 photo DSC_6477_1_zpsf3b41c1b.jpg

It wasn't too bad. I think I lost one tomato plant, but it might come back.

The strawberries survived and are producing fruit.

 photo DSC_6473_1_zps1b54b4b1.jpg

We've eaten 4-5 so far, but some animals have discovered them and there are now bites out of the ones that are growing.

We've had a pretty cold spring. The benefit of the cooler temperatures, tomatoes already growing.

 photo DSC_6503_1_zps5e00481e.jpg

Isn't that awesome!!!!

I didn't do much with my compost this winter due to the broken wrist. I discovered that cold composting doesn't kill pumpkin seeds. After a quick screen of the compost, I tilled it into the box before planting the tomatoes.

 photo DSC_6469_1_zps51f1c8c1.jpg

After a week or two tons of baby pumpkin plants were going. I moved a couple and plucked the rest. I'm still plucking the rest.

I don't know if the transplants will survive, but if they do, maybe we'll get from free pumpkins for Halloween.

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