Thursday, April 10, 2014


Last Saturday the girls were confirmed. They both selected Aunt Mimi (S#5) to be their confirmation sponsor. It was so nice for the "twin" cousins to be confirmed together.

The girls and their sponsor before Confirmation.

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The girls being holy.

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Easter is late this year. My dogwoods bloomed for Confirmation instead. I love my dogwoods.

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Processing into church

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The anointing of oil.

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Father Alan stood in the way of my photography. Of course Father Alan would tell me that it is a sacrament and I shouldn't have been taking pictures in the first place!

Goofy A opening her cards.

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S#5 gave them cross rings from James Avery. She wore her matching ring in honor of the event.

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In thanks for being their sponsor, the girls gave S#5 an Awesome book. It had fill in the blank pages about how awesome Mimi is. There were lots of references to confirmation and dancing and baking and putting up with them.

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I think she liked it!

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