Sunday, December 8, 2013


December 2. Wrist Repair Day.

Here are pre-op photos.

 photo 20131202_142558_1_zps30ab5ebd.jpg

 photo 20131202_142058_1_zpsc137c15b.jpg

You can see the dinner fork bend to the wrist and how my hand was cocked to the left. Fun.

It was suppose to be a local day surgery with a local block of my left arm. The block didn't work so they put me completely under. I ended up staying in the hospital over night. That was probably a good thing because I was in a lot of pain, even with the push button pump thing. They gave me a big dose of something around 10pm and started oral meds every 4 hours. I would have been a mess at home, I know because Tuesday night was pretty bad. I couldn't get comfortable, everything hurt, awful.

I had post op visit on Wed with the p/t. She made a splint for my arm and told me i was too swollen, which was causing pain. I am under strict orders not to use my left hand. No pushing, pulling lifting, etc. I also had to spend two days with my hand elevated above my head and do hand exercises multiple times a day. More fun.

The elevation did help. The pain in my fingers and joints is much better. This morning, I was able to hold my hair with my left hand and put in a pony tail. It's the little things. My next appointment is on the 12th, a follow-up with the surgeon and another session with the p/t. At some point I have to go back to work. I can tell I am feeling better because that is starting to seem possible. I don't really want to go, but I can probably do it.

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