Sunday, December 8, 2013

8th Birthday Party

We had planned B's birthday party for Friday afternoon. We were very lucky and had beautiful weather, especially since the party was a flag football game. I ordered a cake from Sam's Club with green icing. i was delusional and thought I could decorate with a broken left wrist. I was close to losing it and was definitely frustrated, so DH stepped in to help. Who knew he had it in him??

 photo 20131129_120021_1_zpse47ba928.jpg

He did the straight lines. I couldn't keep the bag steady all the way across the cake. I added the hash marks and line numbers. A did the letters. it was a family effort.

 photo 20131129_125936_1_zps79a6f3a8.jpg

They walked over to the park to play football. The boys played two games of flag football, switching up teams so everything was fair. DH and J served as coaches/refs.

 photo 20131129_143826_1_zpsfbcc20aa.jpg

 photo 20131129_143903_1_zps9bcfaeac.jpg

 photo football_zps0aa0e7c2.jpg

B again conducted while the boys screamed Happy Birthday at him

 photo 20131129_154522_1_zps0922bb8d.jpg

It was such an easy party. I would definitely do this one again.

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