Monday, December 9, 2013

ice day

An ice storm blew through Dallas. They canceled school early on thursday before the bad weather hit. they were lucky that all predictions came through. we were coated in an inch or so of ice. Kids enjoyed playing. We all snuggled in on the couch and watched movies. It was a good day off.

 photo 20131206_165530_1_zps4d5d1e54.jpg

 photo 20131206_170237_1_zpsf29d04f3.jpg

 photo 20131207_120725_1_zpse06abb47.jpg

 photo 20131206_163349_1_zpsd4a05237.jpg

The new tree took a big hit. The center top of the tree split off. DH propped up the remaining ice laden branches with some random scrap wood. keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of it is safe.

 photo 20131206_165503_1_zpsf5b2a25a.jpg

 photo 20131206_165519_1_zps886357f5.jpg

We survived the weekend, sticking mostly at home. Boys spent a lot of time playing outside. Sunday was spent getting ready for school, finishing all the work they didn't do last Thursday. Somehow, they cancelled school again today. It's a good excuse not to go back to work today, but the "I'm bored!" wails are getting old.

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