Thursday, June 23, 2011

Purple Cow

A's camp does fundraising every year. This year they are donating money to the people affected by tornadoes in Joplin and Alabama. Tuesday was Purple Cow day. The students dressed up in purple and there was a costume contest. In the evening you're suppose to go eat at the Purple Cow. The restaurant donated some of the proceeds of the night back to DECATS.

A was all over the costume contest. A quick trip to Joann's for a remnant and an hour of sewing and she looked like this.



Tuesday afternoon I asked if she won the contest, she replied no, she came in 4th and she was robbed. She said the other costumes were really, really lame.

That night I took A & B to the Purple Cow for dinner. The two girls who came in 2nd & 3rd came in also. They had scribbled some white t-shirts with purple markers and won?? A definitely was robbed. I decided that her costume looked too good, like a parent has made it, not a kid. Maybe next year!

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susan said...

You're right - does look like a parent did it!!! I had to re-read your blog to see that "A" did it, not "I"