Thursday, June 9, 2011

first tooth

I took the kids to the dentist a few months ago. You could see on B's x-ray that he was going to lose his first tooth. The dentist thought it would be at the end of summer or beginning of school. B didn't want to wait that long.

He's been wiggling that tooth every chance he could. I keep telling him to leave it alone because I'm not ready for my baby to lose his first tooth. Yesterday in the store he told me to feel how wiggly his tooth was. He opened his mouth to show me and I saw the new tooth poking out behind the baby tooth. I guess that runs in the family. I told B he had to start wiggling good so he wouldn't have to have it pulled like J.

Tonight right when I was in the middle of cooking potatoes for dinner, B had to show me his wiggly tooth. I tried to pull it thinking it would come out easy and he wouldn't know it was coming. B caught on. I told him it was about to come out and since we were having corn on the cob, I thought it would be out before we finished dinner. Nope, B wasn't going to wait for corn on the cob. Less then a minute later, he had it out.

Really, he pulled his first tooth. So different from the other two. A lost her pre-blog but it was very similar to J's first tooth. Amazing how different they all can be




He's very excited and has been dancing around the house singing, "I'm getting money! I'm getting money!" Unless of course the tooth fairy forgets!

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