Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today A & I had the Girl Scout Bronze award and Bridging ceremony. After long hours of work, the girls finished up their bronze award project on the last day of school. I'm very proud of all of them. So far, they all say they are going to continue as cadettes. After their bridging, we went to the pool to swim.

DH took the boys and kept them busy. Part of keeping busy was driving to Frisco to pick up a supra key for work. The bribe for driving to Frisco was lunch at In-N-Out Burger.


(Notice the boys are in their Dirk jerseys. Go Mavs!)

The first In-N-Out locations opened up just over a month ago. DH said the drive-thru was crazy so they went inside. The line was 100 ft out of the door. It took 10 minutes to get inside, another 5 minutes to get to the counter, another 10 minutes to get their food. Not bad considering the number of people who were there. DH found 2 stools for the boys to sit and he had to stand behind them.

Last week we were driving home and spied a sign for a new In-N-Out coming soon. Its at Midway & 635. Within days they had torn down the old Denny's/China King Buffet and started construction. I'm happy that it will be close but I can't imagine how they will handle the traffic at that location. At least in Frisco they have an empty lot to put extra cars and the overflow drive-thru traffic. It's still crazy busy after a month of being open. I'll just avoid that area for a month or two after it has opened.