Friday, August 31, 2007

must have

I have to have that book. I was wondering through the web and came across the pictures from this book. The grey sock elephant is too adorable. I must make that elephant.

I've made progress on my weekend.

Cowboy beans are in the slow cooker. This stage of cooking should be done at 8:00.
Brisket is in the oven. It should be done around 6:00.
Spinach dip: to be made tonight
Macaroni: to be made tomorrow.

To do other than food:
Quick house cleaning: vacuum, baths, general toy pickup.

Touring wrap: I'm on the 7th row of today's repeat. I've decided if I do a repeat a day then I'm making good progress. I also found a dropped stitch in the ripping of rows I did yesterday. But I would now have to back out 8 rows in order to fix it. That's not going to happen. The mistake just means that it will be unique.

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