Monday, August 13, 2007

Cheeseburger Pie Results

from weekly menu

Recipe: ground beef & onions sauteed. Add green chiles, cheese, salt. Mix together milk, eggs & baking mix. Stir together and bake in pie pan.

Results: Pretty dismal. This is the first recipe I've tried from menus4moms even though I've been getting their emails for over a year. If you follow their menus, you're suppose to do a lot of prep ahead of time. Buy 5 lbs of ground beef, cook it all at once and freeze it in 1 lb increments. Buy a bunch of onions, chop & saute & freeze, etc. It is a good idea, but I've never bothered to do it.

The recipe itself was simple, but DH summed it up. It was edible but tastes like something served in Huntsville. For those who don't live in TX, that's the state prison. I tend to agree. I added extra salt plus pepper, garlic & cavenders and it was still horribly bland. The older two kids ate it because I said it wasn't horrible and they could eat it. They added a bunch of salt & pepper and choked most of it down. Surprisingly, B the baby actually ate most of his. Maybe that's his issue with most of my cooking, he likes bland unflavorful food.

The recipe is already in the recycle pile.

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