Thursday, August 2, 2007

Black Bean Cheesecake Results

From Dallas Morning News

Recipe: Beat cream cheese, add eggs. Add black beans & spices. Line spring form pan with flour tortillas. Add mixture & bake. Serve with salsa

Changes: The cheesecake was suppose to be refrigerated overnight and then the slices were suppose to be browned in a pan before serving. I skipped this.

Results: I really liked this recipe. DH was very wary of this meal and he loved it. He said it was good enough to serve for our foodie friends. One nice thing is that it is was easy to make and I could easily make it plate pretty.

I gave some to the kids to taste. J like his first portion, but didn't want to eat the second. A ate it, but didn't like it. B threw it again. He's got to stop throwing food, even if he doesn't like it.

I saved this recipe and will make it again. I've got a church group meeting in Oct at my house. I think this will be on the menu.

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