Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Recipe experiment

I guess my recipe experiment has to come to a end. DH came home last night and asked what for dinner. I told him some pasta recipe that I was trying. He said he's sick of not knowing what's for dinner. I told him if he would read the menu on the fridge he would know what was for dinner. Hee. I can be funny! Anyway, he's sick of coming home to a dinner he isn't familiar with. I've been experimenting way too much for him.

What can you expect from the man who wants a 2 week menu? The same thing every other week. How did I marry this man?? Actually last night he said it could be extended to a 3 week menu when you take into account leftovers and eating out. This is also the man who would be perfectly fine eating cereal and sandwiches for dinner. How boring.

I guess I'll take a break and fix some "normal" food for awhile. The recipes will still be there.

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