Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday August 30

I just read a friend's blog. She sent me the link awhile ago. I read a post or two the day she sent the link. Then another friend referred to it, so I added her to my reader. It was amusing. She's the mother of 4 kids 5 & under. Crazy chick who said she would never in her life have children and then had a whole bunch real quick.

So I was thinking I should start to write amusing anecdotes about my kids. Her entries are full of chaos and laughter. I don't have the equivalent here. It is more bickering, poking, screaming, personal space violating, non-vegetable eating mess with some more screaming in between.

There were some good points today:

J & cousin M caught a gecko and named him Alex. Then they let him free after begging only 3 times to keep him as a pet.

A had a melt down over learning spelling words (science & religion were the killers) but finally agreed with me that writing them 10 times each might help her remember how they are spelled.

B was his general happy self. Except for his adament refusal to eat any form of vegetable (even a single corn kernel) and the ensuing 20 minute fit because I refused to feed him seconds of chicken until he ate the single kernel which in turn wore down his father's defenses causing him to proclaim that I was being harsh and should feed him the chicken to make him shut up, he had a good day. That third child is spoiled rotten.

Nobody complained about having all the leftovers from the fridge for dinner tonight. Except for the above vegetable fiasco, but that happens most nights.

Overall, a good day.

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