Thursday, August 30, 2007

Return of College Football

DH is as bad as a kid waiting for Christmas. College football is about to return.

His team is not on tv this weekend. After I said no you cannot take our 4 year old to a football game that starts at 6 pm where you drive 3 hours to get there and then turn around and drive 3 hours home when the game is over, DH is resigned to throwing a College Football Returns party instead. What started as a simple 'Maybe we should invite so & so over to watch the ND game' turned into 6 families over all day Saturday for multiple games. Luckily it is also Labor Day weekend and 3 families are out of town. Now we're down to 8 adults & 10 children and the party is starting at 2:30 so we can get a decent nap in first.

So now I have to cook. A lot. Here's the tentative menu.

Spinach dip
Bean dip
French onion dip
Veggies & chips
Cowboy beans
Macaroni & Cheese

I would like to make these chili relleno things (corn bread filling baked in poblano peppers) but I'm waiting to see how the rest of it goes because I commit to making them. I figure I can always run to the store on Saturday for ingredients if I decide to go all out.

Onto more interesting topics: knitting

I bought yarn for 2 projects. Sweater for B & leg warmers for A. But I started a project for me first. Touring wrap has begun.

I'm 2 1/2 repeats done in the main part of the wrap. It is tedious & difficult knitting because I actually have to concentrate. I'm getting well versed at backing out half a row of stitches to add a yo I missed. And I'm learning that I can't count to 97 when anyone in the room is talking. But so far I'm liking the results. I'll take pics hopefully later today.

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