Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday August 13

My thoughts from today.

I got our grocery shopping done. On the way to the store, I heard an NPR interview on the merits of banning plastic bags. While I do participate in plastic bag recycling, at the end of my shopping, I was feeling bad for my excess of plastic. I need to knit some good shopping bags. I've seen a bunch of patterns for expandable market bags, but the negatives are there is is too much expansion. The bags get too big and drag to the floor making them impossible to use. I saw a pattern for a bag that someone had made that was just a folded over rectangle. She made it in response to a bag with the bottom done in the round that was too stretchy.

Now I just have to find that link again. Good luck with that. I do know she was making a new bag out of hemp. Maybe I can search on that and find it.

Speaking of finding links, I had found a group that was making knitted wristbands for the walk for the cure. I can't find it anymore. I'll have to keep searching.

Nothing planned for tomorrow. I think I'll try and do a trip to the library. I need to go before Wednesday because I have to book that will be overdue. I'm struggling to finish the book I'm reading now. I don't know why I'm bothering to finish it. I just can leave a book unread. I keep hoping that I'll find some merit in it, I just have to keep reading. We'll see. It is getting better.

I got the 2nd to last color cut for my quilt. I have the last piece of fabric out and ready to cut. I just couldn't bring myself to do it this afternoon. Once that is done, I have to cut the 130 5.5 inch square for batting. Urgh. Not looking forward to that at all. But if I don't do it now, I won't do it when it is time to start sewing it all together. And I need to get it sewn together. My machine (my mother's old machine) bound up on me last weekend when I was finishing up marakesh. I'm using my neices' machine and pretty soon they will notice that it is gone and will want it back.

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