Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wednesday August 1

We had a good weekend in Austin. We didn't do a whole lot but those are the best kinds of weekends. I had a chance to stop at the alpaca farm outside Wimberly but I couldn't force 3 other adults and 6 kids to look at yarn with me. Wasn't that nice of me!

I haven't done any knitting since finishing marakesh strap. I started seaming the bag, but I need to measure for the lining before I finish it up. I need to go to mom's for fabric. I guess it will have to wait until this weekend.

Tonight for dinner, we're having pizza. I'm trying a new crust recipe, whole wheat crust from epicurious (I think.) I'll have to write a review of it later. But I have to say that the dough has risen beautifully. It smells wonderful & yeasty.

I've got a huge list of things I need to do. So many that I can't even remember them all. I need to start writing them down.

  • buy school shoes for kids
  • get A's hair cut
  • find J's school shorts
  • buy yarn for touring wrap
  • sign up kids for soccer
  • find piano lessons???
  • write resume
  • find a job
  • finish marakesh
  • Walmart - return lake shoes

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