Thursday, November 29, 2007

Training 11/29

I haven't updated in awhile. My blog updates did help me keep on track for quite awhile but the bake sale/thanksgiving/general ennui overcame that need for accountability. Honestly, I finally gave up. I know that I will finish the race. But I also know that I won't run the whole thing or break any kind of speed record.

We leave tomorrow. I'm not prepared. I bet that even if I had followed the whole training regime, I would still feel unprepared. Plus one benefit of taking two weeks off, my calf isn't hurting at all. Not a bit. Maybe my body knew it needed the break. A little justification can't hurt, can it?

Maybe someday I will decide to do this again. Maybe I will decide to do it for me and for the challenge instead of succumbing to peer pressure and the incentive of a trip. Then maybe I can get past that mental wall that I never broke. But then again, going 13.2 miles is just crazy. What am I thinking? I'll never do this again.

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