Thursday, November 15, 2007


Not much to say. I've been busy trying to get ready for the church bake sale this weekend. So far I've baked 2 loaves of pear bread and made choc chip cookie dough. I scooped and froze the dough so I can bake it on Saturday. I figure they will be fresher that way. I still have to make some more cookies, some brownies, banana bread & possibly a pear tart. Notice the influx of pear things. A friend gave us a bunch of pears. I'm finding ways to use them.

Sad part about this that I can't write reviews of the new recipes I'm trying unless I buy them. I doubt I'll buy them. I'll just hope that they taste good.

I'm probably overcompensating with my baking. I'm suppose to be co-chair of the bake sale and I don't feel like I've done enough. There have been lots of emails between the other chair & the president. They are friends and down the street neighbors. I have been slow to respond, mostly because they correspond at night and I'm generally off the computer at night. Too much sitting at the computer in the daytime. Anyway, I did reserve the room for collecting the baked goods. I will be there Saturday afternoon to collect the goods. I'm going to be there Sunday morning for set up. But I still feel like I'm not doing enough. So more baking for me.

Kids are still the kids. No soccer today so we're back to an almost relaxed Thursday night. Funny thing, I spent the day working and baking, so I didn't cook dinner. We ended up at McD at the last minute. Not my favorite but it did in a pinch. I thought for sure my Thursday night fast food dinners would be over. At least I know I won't be eaten it next Thursday.

Good part of the evening. One of the LYS had there anniversary party tonight. 25% off yarn, so I went. I found yarn for my scarf at 40% off plus yarn for my sister's present and my gloves at 25% off. So it was a good night. But it was crowded and I didn't know anyone. Everyone else seemed to know each other. I felt out of place but that wasn't going to stop me from getting a good deal on yarn. Besides, I know that I am never going to spend enough money on yarn to get to the point of feeling like one of the locals in my LYS.

Hopefully I'll have more FO soon.

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