Friday, November 9, 2007

updates on J's class

I had another discussion with the teacher this morning. It sounds like they are in the process of removing C from the school. It was one of those conversations where someone implies what they can't say. She said the school counselor has been in observing the class and he is repeatedly defiant, disobedient more so that any other child she has ever seen. The teacher said they are meeting with the grandmother again today to see what she is doing to help with the situation, what she is doing to deal with C. I feel bad for the teacher. She is at her wits end.

The teacher said that she is not equipped to handle this situation and something has to be done.

So I'll wait and see what happens. I do know that I am going to start reporting anything that J says that C does. I'll be a squeaky wheel. I think the situation needs one.

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