Thursday, November 29, 2007


I went to run errands this morning. I get to my first stop and realize I don't have my new credit card. I start to freak, internally. I mean, I can't cry in front of the clerk at Sports Authority. So I rummage through the junk stuffed at the bottom of my purse as my heart drops to the bottom of my stomach and pray that I don't have to tell my husband that I am the irresponsible just like my mother lose everything because I stuff it in my purse instead of taking the time to put it in my wallet person he sometimes thinks I am. As I left the store, I try to calm down and start to think about when I last used the card. My first thought is the last time I used it was on Friday, Black Friday, the worst shopping day of all. I went to like a hundred (or maybe 5) stores. And the last one I was at was Walmart. The worst one of all. I then spend the next 10 minutes trying to remember what I did the rest of the weekend and did I use my card at all. But by then, the panic has gotten to me and I can't remember a single second of the rest of my weekend. I finally decide that I haven't used the card since Friday. But there is nothing I can do until I get home. I will just finish my errands and go home.

Well, after a few stops, I am finally on my way home. I then notice the annoying dash notification telling me I have 15% left on my oil life and I need to get an oil change. I push the button to make it disappear and my mileage appear instead. Then I see, my miles are only at 30.6 miles. I remember. I put gas in the car on Monday. It was cold. I had on my coat. I know where my new credit card is!!! In the pocket of my coat!!!

The panic subsided and the relief was calming. I don't have to admit I'm to my husband I lost a credit card. Life is good.

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