Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My sisters make fun of me. They ask me all the time when I actually work. Most days I have extra time on my hand. So knitting a quick something is easy for me to do.

But the past 3 days have been hard. I'm having to think a lot. I haven't had to do that in a while. We're having reporting issues. I'm comparing 3 different reports that are giving me three different numbers and trying to figure which one is correct and why. I was up past midnight last night.

DH is giving me a hard time about this. I'm suppose to be working a parttime job. 25-30 hours a week. But I feel like this is an issue I'm assigned. There are lots of weeks when I work less that 25 hours. I can put in the extra time now to sort this problem out.

Plus, once I get a problem in my head, it haunts me until I figure it out. Even when I've slept the past few nights, I wake up thinking about the reports. I can't just let it go when I know it is a problem.

I had to tell DH to stop telling me to stop working. It wasn't helping. He didn't take it well. I was told that I'm too dedicated. I think this is the trade off for the nice benefits of my employment.

Hopefully, I'll figure it out soon.

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