Thursday, November 8, 2007


J came home with a picture in his bag. It was someone stabbing 2 other people, bloody knife and dripping blood. In the corner was written, 'he sliced them into pieces until they were gone because he did not know good.' It was obviously written by an adult.

I immediately asked J where he got the picture. A boy at school, C, gave it to him. I told him that I was going to have to return the picture to his teacher. He wasn't happy with me at all. I told him I liked pretty pictures of people being good. If C drew him a picture like that, then he could keep it.

I took the picture in and gave it back to the teacher today. She pulled me into the hallway and explained. I guess they have the boy in counseling with the school counselor. They are working on getting him into a professional therapist. They are bringing in some special ed assistance to help with him. He says that he is bad inside and he cannot be good. He draw pictures of stabbing and choking and killing all the time. They are having him explain his pictures so they can give them to the counselor and therapist. She didn't know that he had taken the picture out of his notebook and given it to J. He says that he is the black spiderman and he is bad. The teacher had to go figure out who the black spiderman was. I guess it is a spiderman 3 reference? I never saw the movie. Why would a 4 year old have seen that movie? Anyway, she has started calling him Peter Parker in class. That is spiderman's good alter ego. It is her attempt to show him how to be good. I don't think that he has a good family history. I know he lives with his grandmother now.

I'm scared and worried for this little boy. Obviously something is wrong with him. He is defiant and mean. But I'm also scared for J. He's in class with this kid. I have seen him be physical with J before. He walked up and shoved him hard so that John lost his balance and fell down. Not really terrible but still mean and it could get worse. Stuff like that goes among kids, but, coming from C, it upset me and J. I know J is doing fine in school, but it can't be a good atmosphere in that classroom.

This just isn't the thing you want to be dealing with in preschool. So prayers for C and prayers for his family and prayers for J and prayers for the teacher. I hope it all turns out okay.

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