Monday, November 19, 2007

Other updates

I finished the front of J's sweater last night. I was planning on casting on a sleeve tonight but I've got tired head. I spent the day in the office trying to figure out a problem that didn't get resolved. I'm suppose to look into it tonight but I think I'm going to bed.

I didn't sleep well last night. I knew I was going into the office and was afraid of being unprepared for the meeting. I stayed up late making sure I knew what questions I needed to ask and make sure I was prepared to answer questions from boss & saleslady.

But instead I was thrown for a loop with these report issues. I'm suppose to go back in tomorrow but I just remembered tonight that tomorrow is J's Thanksgiving feast. I'm just going to have to email and let him know that I will be available from home. Or I can come in afterwards if they need me.

Sad part about the day. I was planning on rewarding my day in the office with a visit to the LYS that is down the street. Instead I had such tired head, I just went home. I wasn't in the mood.

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