Friday, November 23, 2007

B's Bday (and Tday too)

Here's the football cake. I cheated and used Duncan Hines creamy homestyle icing. But I thought i had a can at home so I told the DH to get one more. So, as you can see, I ran out of icing. Oh well. He's only 2, he couldn't tell the difference.

This was about as happy as he was with the whole bday cake thing. It was a bit too much to have 30 people surrounding him and singing Happy Birthday. He refused to eat cake. I was sure that he was sick and gave him tylenol. I've never seen this kid refuse a sweet. Soon after this pic, he started crying, left the kitchen to go sit and watch football with his PaPa.

He did much better opening presents. Lots of balls so he was a happy kid. We were good on the present category. Not too much stuff. Even the grandparents didn't over do it. Okay, neither of my parents brought a gift. The ILs brought two gifts, but SIL forgot/didn't realise so she took one of the presents from MIL. It is much nicer and easier on the storage when a kid only gets 6 things. At least he's two and doesn't realize he didn't get much.

My father asks what he should get B. I said diapers, Target or Pampers, I'm not a fan of huggies. Too many leaks. Anyway, I quickly changed my mind and told dad to buy a g.c. I figure if I sent him for diapers, he would just buy a small pack. If I told him to get a g.c., he'd probably spend $20-25. B at least deserves a couple dollars of diapers! Funny thing is he will probably never get around to buying either one.

And we also celebrated Thanksgiving. That went fine. It was cold, but the kids went out and played anyway. It actually snowed. Nothing that stuck. We took pics but it was so light, you can't actually see the snow. The oven broke again while cooking the cornbread dressing. I sent DH to my sister's with the dressing and I got it working again to cook the other dressing & the spinach ring. Lots and lots and lots of dish washing. Not fun but I'm anal and don't like other people washing my dishes, so I did it myself. But overall a nice day.
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