Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's with the kids in J's class????

Over the weekend we baked brownies. So for a treat yesterday, I gave each of the kids a brownie in their lunch. It was suppose to be a surprise but they caught me putting them in.

Yesterday afternoon, J asked me why I didn't give him a brownie. I told him I did. He told me when he ate his lunch there was no brownie. I asked A if I accidentally put 2 brownies in her lunch, she said no, she only had one.

J's response was "I guess M took it." I asked him why he thought M would take his brownie, he responded that she does that. I told him that I would send one in his lunch today but he said he didn't want one, because M would eat it again. I told him that I would give him a brownie and talk to the teacher.

So in carpool line this morning I asked the teacher if they had problems with food in the class. She asked what M had taken. I guess this is something that has been going on for awhile. I told her that J's brownie was missing yesterday. The teacher's aide said she had caught M by the lunches but she thought she had gotten her before she had eaten anything. She was wrong. Both of the women went and talked to M and her mother when she was dropped off. M had to apologize to J and the mom said that she would bring him a treat tomorrow.

I don't get it. What is up with these kids? The teacher said that she is just like the other boy in class, very disruptive and destructive of other kids things, but at least she doesn't have the obsession with evil/murder/blood/devil. Ugh. The school year is almost halfway over. I'll be glad when it is through.

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