Sunday, December 2, 2007

Posting from Jamaica

I did it. I managed to finish 13 miles. I was doing great through 6 miles. I was happy to hit 7, half way done. At 8 I was wondering again why in the hell I signed up to do this. At 9 I wanted to turn around. I was told the turn around was at 9. It wasn't, it was at 9.5. I kept going. I did really well walking & running for the first 8 miles, but I walked most of the way after that. But I finished. And I finished it faster than I ever thought I would. So that was good.

Now, we're just lazy around, reading books, drinking drinks (although there is way too many fruity rum things, I've been sticking to the occasional gin & tonic), napping and eating. It is nice.

One bad thing about Jamaica. No diet coke. It is all pepsi. I've gone cold turkey.

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