Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Room Mom

Well, Friday was the bad boy's last day at school. I volunteered awhile ago so the lack of a room mom wouldn't be an obstacle to removing him from the school. They took me up on it.

I don't have an email/contact list for the class. Thursday is St. Nicholas Day and I have to fill the shoes. There are still a couple of kids who haven't been student of the week but I'm not sure who is left. There is a Christmas party at some point before the 21st. I have to figure all of this stuff out soon. I have to call the class coordinator tonight.

I hope it won't be too hard. I hope the boy gets help. I hope it helps the class and the teacher.

Now if we can just make sure that J's desserts aren't eaten anymore, then life in DK will be good.

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