Saturday, December 15, 2007

Transformers are a whipping

Last night was J's birthday party. We did it Pump it Up with one of his best buddies. M's birthday is 12/20. J's birthday is 12/30. M likes to remind J that he is 10 days older!

This was his first 'real' birthday party where we invited friends from school. J was very excited about it. The party went pretty well. He only cried when he got a small rub burn on his chin when he slipped off of something. I'm not quite sure what happened.

We got home last night and opened all the presents. This morning we unpackaged everything. All I can say is girl toys are soooo much easier. DH & I have been reading diagrams and transforming and un-transforming StarWars guys, Megatron, Power Rangers all day long. My finger tips actually hurt from pushing & pulling plastic apart. If we ever lose the directions, we're in for it. I'll never be able to turn Chewbacca & Han Solo back into the Millennium Falcon again. I have never bought these toys for J before. I'm much more of a car/book/train/blocks kind of mom. But that's what birthday parties are all about. Getting a bunch of stuff that Mom normally won't give you.

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