Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas is over

We survived the holiday. Children are overly laden in gifts. Way too much stuff but they had fun. A hasn't put down her new Felicity doll. And she's carrying her around with Kaya. I was afraid that Kaya might get left behind, but they are sisters and best friends and they go everywhere together. J is all into the wii and he's been playing with his new games. B just wonders around following J trying to play whatever J's got.

DH came home from his parents on Christmas night and said, they got our kids more than we got them. Both of us are feeling the excess and not liking it. His mother is all about spending a certain amount on them. I'm all about not getting $600 in toys for Christmas. Not sure what we'll do about that, but we have about 300 more days before she starts bugging us for a Christmas list.

I had a lovely Christmas. First of all, my gift of the Wii was the ultimate gift. DH opened it and exclaimed "You win!" He always surprises me and I rarely surprise him. I definitely got him this year. Only poor baby B isn't happy with it because we won't let him play. He doesn't like watching, he wants in on the action.

I got a bunch of books: Dorie Greenspan's Baking, Chronicle Books Birthday Cake book, a Pie cookbook, a mother/daughter craft book, Last Minute knitted gifts. DH laughed at me because I went to bed reading a cookbook last night. I also got little stuff, a card reader, a phone charger and Ultra Fine Sharpies in all colors. I love my new sharpies. They make such nice crisp lines.

Overall, it was a nice Christmas but now I need to get some work done and start thinking about going to the grocery store. Today it is back to regular life.

I hope

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