Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So what's wrong with being Mom?

My husband & I were laying in bed talking. We do this often because it is generally the only peaceful time we get to talk without interruption. The original topic I don't remember, but the conversation turned to F (the BIL) and DH musing about how they are worried that I'm going to turn into Wowa (the grandmother name for my mother.)

DH says that he and Frank are concerned that I'm going to turn into a reclusive old lady who only knits. I'll spend all my extra money on yarn and I'll turn out (probably unwanted according to F) presents for all the family members. I asked him what he would like for me to do instead. He said that when we retire, he wants season tickets to all the sport teams in town and we'll got to games 3-4 nights a week and travel. That he would not sit home and watch me knit.

I had to defend my mother.

My mother still works a long hard fulltime job at the medical school but she spends all of her spare time and probably most of her money quilting. She goes to multiple quilting groups during the week. She does First Saturday quilt blocks at one shop, Third Sunday at another. She has multiple quilts being pieced at the same time. She goes on quilting weekends where she and a bunch of women take their machines to the country and sew. She lives for quilting but she is by no means a weird recluse locked up her room sewing. She is very social, she goes out 2-3 nights a week, she spends time with her friends, she is so busy that we hardly see her.

I told DH that his sporting events are to him as quilting nights are to Wowa. (How SAT of me!) Just because he doesn't enjoy what she does, it doesn't make her wierd or strange. They just like different things.

He agreed that I had a point. Besides, he pointed out a quilt that he liked and mom made it for him. He can't complain too much.

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