Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wow on the neighbors

We were sitting here enjoying some nice quiet time. A was reading, boys were playing. DH & I were at our respective computers. Then the doorbell rang. I looked out the window but didn't see anyone.

I got to the door a realized why. The people there were too short. It was the 4 year old & 3 year old neighbor girls. Without their mother or father. I opened the door and said hello. Z (the older) walked in under my arm and said 'We're here to play with A' and walked off down the hall. F (the younger) followed right behind.

I had not idea if their parents knew they came over. But I let them in and sent them to the playroom with J & B. Eventually, maybe 15 minutes later, the mom showed up to make sure they had made it over okay. She asked for my phone number so she could check up on them next time. Then she said to send them home when we were sick of them.


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