Wednesday, October 17, 2007



My calf has been bothering me. I walked tonight and it wasn't too bad. I think I'll try running a little bit tomorrow.


I finished the baby hat for friends' new baby. It took me about a day to get it done. I finished 2 pink wristbands for my sisters' 3 Day walk. I'm glad that is done and out of the way. I need to get back to J's sweater. I emailed the lady who created the touring wrap. I asked her how many repeats she had in the original wrap. She responded and it is 44. I've only done 13. Who knows when I'll ever finish it, but I'll keep trudging along.


Not much new. I've been asked to decorate the pumpkin for the Autumnfest silent auction for J's class. Here's how that happened.

I make napkins for J's lunch every day. I draw a little picture and write something like 'Have a good day!' on it. I started picking pictures based on the letter they are studying, A is for Apple, B is for Bear, etc. The teacher thinks I'm very creative. She started keeping J's napkins and hanging them on the board. She told me she's going to make a napkin book and asked me to make some A's and B's for her since she didn't keep those napkins. So she thinks I'm some sort of artist and asked me to decorate the class pumpkin. I said okay.

But then I went into a panic. What was I suppose to do with it?? I haven't never looked at the pumpkins at Autumnfest before. I didn't know if there is a theme, if I was suppose to carve the pumpkin or not. I did a little asking around and found out:

  1. You don't carve the pumpkin, you just decorate it
  2. You can incorporate the class by putting all the kids' names on it
  3. There is a theme. Since it is close to Halloween this year, it is a Halloween theme. But nothing gory

So I talked to J & A and we decided on how to decorate. I'm going to paint a haunted house on the pumpkin. Then we're going to make bats & ghost with the kids' names, attach them to wire and push them into the pumpkin. It is actually a plastic foam pumpkin, not a real one, so I don't have to worry about it rotting. I hope it turns out okay.


DH is home with my card reader so I can finally post some pics.

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